You may wonder how to custom? What can be customization?  you can reference below or inquiry our customer service.

  1. Material Choice:
    • Details: Customers can choose from different materials like cotton, linen, silk, or velvet. Each material has its unique feel and appearance. For example, cotton is comfortable and breathable for everyday use, while velvet offers a more luxurious look for high-end decor.
  2. Size and Shape:
    • Details: Cushions can be customized in various sizes and shapes, such as square, round, rectangular, or custom shapes. The choice of size and shape should consider the intended use and placement, like sofa cushions, bed headrests, or decorative pieces.
  3. Color and Pattern:
    • Details: The choice of colors and patterns can be diverse, ranging from solid colors to complex designs, or customer-specific artwork. Digital printing technology can be used for precise pattern and color reproduction, suitable for personalized designs or brand promotion.
  4. Filling Material:
    • Details: The choice of filling material directly affects the cushion’s comfort. Common filling materials include polyester fiber, down, or foam beads. Different fillings provide varying levels of support and softness.
  5. Functional Customizations:
    • Details: Cushions can be tailored for additional functionalities like water resistance, antibacterial properties, or heat application capabilities. These functional customizations add extra utility value, suitable for specific environments and needs.